R&L Embossing Material

R&L Embossing Material A little about the plastic

About Us


My name is Richard Foster and I have been in the letterpress industry for 26 years. Seven years ago I came across a specialized plastic that can be used for embossing counters. This specialty plastic is easy to use, cost effective, and creates an emboss that is very close in quality to a pour-a-counter, and I think as good as Prago-Therm, in one-quarter the time, and cost.  It is 2mm thick, somewhat ridgid and comes in sheets that are 2'X2'. (See Picing Below).

If you would like a sample email me here


At present, we have one product. There may be more in the future.


Will It Work With Any Letterpress?

Yes, from a Kluge to a Bobst and even cylinders, if it has a hotplate it will work on your press.

Contact Us

R&L Embossing Material

815 SW 106th St.

Seattle, WA 98146




All Sheets come 2'X2'. Prices do not include shipping.

8 square feet:  $18.00

16 square feet: $34.00

32 square feet: $62.00

64 square feet: $130.00

All Prices are in U.S.D.

I'm looking forward to doing business with you.